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    Lydia was the first companion I earned the use of in Skyrim. After slaying my first dragon, the Jarl of Whiterun provided me with Lydia to travel with me and help me in fights. She has been invaluable, helping defeat enemies I would never have defeated on my own.

    She’s clumsy. She sets off traps left and right. She gets lost easily. She runs in front of me when I’m casting flame spells, but for some reason, she’s endearing. She’s with me everywhere and Katie has gotten used to me talking to Lydia when playing.

    Katie looks at me like I’m crazy. Then she laughs. Even though Lydia rarely speaks and is easily replaceable with another companion, there’s something about her that makes her endearing. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been through so much. I don’t know.

    But this article, on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, perfectly describes how great she is and the players distress at her death. It’s both funny and totally on point. Couldn’t disagree with a word the writer put down.

    Best. Read. Ever.

    ok, this is awesome, and I think we need to get Skyrim.

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    hahahaha. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who talks to Lydia. :)
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    I lost her today. I am mourning her as I type this…
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    I honestly have no idea what happened to Lydia on my file. I was exploring a dungeon once and she just disappeared out...
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    ok, this is awesome, and I think we need to get Skyrim.
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